Viet Value Travel Team

The right people in the right jobs doing the right things are the most valuable assets of any organisation. It is the same with Viet Value Travel. But not only do we have the right people but we all share the same passion for travel and tourism and for our special country. We all work together to make sure we provide the very best service to our customers to ensure they are able to make the most of their visit to Vietnam.
Our people make our organisation successful and we are all well known for our friendliness, helpfulness and passion about our work. Below are the faces to the names at Viet Value Travel - always ready to serve you.

 Viet Value Travel Team  
Viet Value Travel Team Quynh Anh | Sales Leader
I'm Hanoian and have a great love for beautiful Vietnam. I have studied English for years and joined Viet Value Travel Group with the hope of introducing my country to the World. Young and sociable, I love making friends and travelling around.
Hoa Pham - Sales Executive   Hoa Pham | Sales Executive
I was born and grown up in Hanoi. I can speak English, German and Vietnamese of course. My work is the best choice which brings me the opportunity to improve my language skills and introduce my beautiful country to friends over the World.
Ha Nguyen - Sales Executive Ha Nguyen | Contract Coordinator
I am from Hai Duong City and now studying in Foreign Trade University of Hanoi. Big passion on travel led me to Viet Value Travel where I have the chance to learn various things about life, working terms and of course travelling. I spend most of my free time hanging out with friends. 
Lan Nguyen - Marketing Executives Lan Nguyen | Marketing Executives
My family and I are living in a very old village in Hanoi. That is Đông Ngạc village where ancient houses still keep their beauty. I like playing bowling, swimming, shopping and especially, love travelling. When I earn enough money, I will retire and start my long journey around the world. See you there!
 Phuong Thao Phuong Thao | Operation Manager
I have been with Viet Value Travel from the very beginning. Love the environment here that is full of fun and also pressure. I am lucky to be in charge as project Manager for Viet Value Travel big events that bring me lot of experience. I have 2 kids and living now in Hanoi.
  Chau Tran | PR & Marketing Manager
Each day will be new things to explore. The body of my work too, I always look out for new paths in work and develop it in a better way. In addition, tourism is my hobby. Therefore, working in VVT is also a matter of chance and the environment here is very consistent with my character so I can promote my capabilities in the best way.
hoang giang Hoang Giang | Accouting Executive
I was born in the North of Vietnam and moved to Hanoi for accounting studying. I am young and active, love sports and hanging out with friends. I manage work related to the reservation at Tom's House (small hotel that is operated by VVT) as well as trying to finish my course to be able to offer more value for Viet Value Travel.
Tien Viet Tien Viet | Financial Controller
I live in Hanoi with my wife and my son – Viet Anh. I have joined Viet Value Travel since 2005 to manage finacial services. I like adventure and always heading out when I have free time.
David Whitehead David Whitehead | Business Development Manager
I am Australian and i have lived and worked in Vietnam fosince 2004. I have travelled throught the country and the region on business and as a tourist , i have worked in the travel and tourism industry in Vietnam for about 2 years. I bring business and international experiences to Viet Value Travel Co.,Ltd.
Tuan Nguyen | General Manager
I used to be a tour leader for 6 years, leading groups from North to South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. I have learnt a lot from travelling including a chance to understand more about other cultures, interesting people and new lands. I am now living in Hanoi with my son named Tom and blogging about my travel experiences at Vietnam Travel Blog.
Rassmie | Cambodia Office Manager
I was born in Vietnam but grown up in Cambodia. Travelling gives me a chance to come back Vietnam very often, I speak Vietnamese and of course Cambodia as well. My airm mission is ensure Viet Value Travel's customers having a good time in Cambodia and always find this country as a place to return.
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