Why Us? Viet Value Travel Co., Ltd | Top Reasons

1, We are local experts.

You will gain our local knowledge to your travel. As a local, we know our country better than anyone else. Nothing is too difficult if you have a local guide who knows every corners of his country. Supporting a local company is also helpful for local community, the money will go directly to local economy and support to people that you travel in.  

2, We are fully licensed.

Viet Value Travel does business seriously. We are Unlike many travel companies out there, we established and holding travel license from very beginning. Please view our license that issued by VNAT (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism), the one and only government organization in charge on secure the financial to respect customer's advanced payments. Any travel agencies operating without this license considered as scam business and of course VNTA will not hold any responsible for those unlicensed companies. 

Viet Value Travel have a bond of 15,000 USD that controlled by VNTA in order to respect customer's payment. We are always confident on our given services and deliver exactly what we said and promised. We also have Money Back Policy. However,  if you are not satisfied with our refund, please contact VNTA for a claim.  

3, Speedy service & flexible.

We know that your time is precious. Saving your time is also a saving for your money. We have a great team who working around the clock to serve you in soonest time possible. All your contacts or bookings will be responded almost immediately. We also have a online chat assistance or hotline contact that reachable 24/7. 

As a fully private local company, we are very flexible on providing service, you will get a free travel advice, free quotation and top secure payment modes. We offer flexible cancellation policy, and flexible on changes. The goal is your satisfaction and we try best until you are totally happy with your trip.  

4, We are different.

Our products are unique! they are all created by actual experiences. Our Managing Director used to be a tour guide in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for years. He knows what people like and dislike, which is good or bad to different people. 

Our service is selective, from tour guide to quality of transportation. Meals will be chosen to show the local taste and culture. Our operation and customer's service will follow and watch your service from the first day to your leaving day. 

5, Top secure payment solutions

We care about your privacy and concerns of oversea payment. Please find our our payment solutions for details.

...For more information, please read more details of our service quality or you may wonder how people talk about us.

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