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Halong boat accident, who will take responsibility?

It’s not much later after I wrote an article of Junk or Junk about Halong bay including the safety concerning when you choose a Junk in this popular spot, the disaster happened. 12 people died mixed international. The reasons found were human errors; someone forgot to switch of the engine valves and took off the night shift. Things found too late and boat was sunken with 12 people lives.

Two people arrested, Captain and Chef Engineers. Of course. But people may raise a question of who else will take responsibility apart from 2 those guys. It is quite clearly that the safety training system is questioning. I think lot of the boat operators in Halong Bay pay less or little about safety conditions and requirement. Annual maintenance for boat are operated seriously but I am sure there are also some corruptions on those especially on tourism peak season when operator need more rooms to sell to tourist. This accident is also a big ring to Vietnamese people pay more personal working attitude to safety requirements that often being forgotten or ignored.

This is a big lession for Vietnamese government and local authority in development and integration. It is time for Vietnam changes or upgrades their way of conditions that will be more suitable or closer to international standards in order to keep maintaining Vietnam development in general and tourism in this specific cases.

Human errors can be found anywhere of this world. The recent Halong Bay accident will make tourist think twice before they go, however, this will not stop people to visit the must – see world heritage of Halong because there are still many good and serious operators out there to choose. What you must do is making some homework before hand. And I am so excited to see how local authority react and do to gain back the consumer’s trust! Let’s see.

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