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Getting too old?

Tuan - 32 year-old-manPlanned to write a long post to describe how I feel to be 32 but words were hard to be out. So many feelings but basically was ‘peaceful’.

Maybe I have spent too much time on travel so my desire now is just like an old man who looking for a quiet place, stay away from bars, party and noisy places. The foots do not accept that, it seems like I will be so bored after settle at home or office for a while. And I know that it’s time I have to travel somewhere again to get the working feeling back.

32 years, almost half of that on the road. Seeing different people, experiencing many different lives, now look back, I feel more ‘speechless’, even boring with daily conversations. It is still good things that I still love to listen and seemed like I prefer to do so. Am I too old?

Happy Birthday to me. 32 years OLD man!

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