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‘Beat’ Luck

Vietnamese are one of the most superstitious people in the World.

Every event on people lives attached with an ceremony. The first month of life, first year,  building house, get a new car and of course getting marriage.

Vietnamese people also got a strong believe in Feng Shui to choose a right location and direction for their house and office, choosing the right color for dress and personal belongings. Those rules applied to all social classes, from a Cyclo drivers to high government position persons.

People believe that step out of their door in the morning by left foot could bring bad luck to them to the rest of the day. Seeing a lady firstly in the morning also bring a bad luck. Students are being on examination not allowed to do the hair cut either eating banana and black bean (green bean is recommended). And don’t be surprised if you see the local bus stations or airport suddenly get low traffic some days because travelling on 7th, 17th or 27th of lunar month will not bring a good sight of luck for passengers (Seven stands as Death).  They also don’t come back on 3rd, 13th and 23th.

If someone think they having a bad luck, there are number of solutions to get out of it. Eating dog meat is the most popular solution, after that Animal blood pudding. Someone burns paper in front of the shop in purpose of chasing the bad luck out.

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