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Vietnamese Home Foodies

I am kind of believer for best foods are not coming from 5 star restaurant. It is especially true for Vietnamese food. You are not really known of Vietnamese courses until you got into a Vietnamese family. Somebody said ‘Every family in Vietnam has a professional chef’ It is also deadly true!

Vietnamese people eat differently at home. Some of the famous courses that apparently represented for Viet food culture are rarely eaten at home. They are good, wonderful but Vietnamese somehow can not cope with them daily. They have a different menus to cheer up the family members. What are they?

A meal without broth will be unusual in Vietnamese family food, broth could be simple like morning glory both or cabbage broth, if they have time, they will make more completed courses like fish broth or oyster broth. Broth course in also the most difficult courses to make in Vietnam food.

Vietnamese is the World most rice eater. They eat about 300kg rice per year. This is a must and the most favored food for Vietnamese. Rice will be served on the bowl and people mix with other course to eat.

Westerners normally eat omelettes at breakfast, Vietnamese eat this course at home for lunch or dinner. It normally cooked with pork, onions and come along with a bit of fish source.

Morning Glory
Most eaten in north of Vietnam, normally boil and deep with fish source. It is good for teeth (less Northern people having problem with teeth, my friend doctor said so), it is more popular in the summer and always eaten with Vietnamese small egg – plants. It is traditional Vietnamese countryside meal.

Another course for rice
Vietnamese often set a course for rice bowl, it makes a good sense though, as rice itself is very light and flavor – less, making a salted courses like fried pork, fish with fish source or shrimp sauteed would make a better combination.

If you join a group tours in Vietnam, the restaurant always offer 9 to 12 courses menu. Vietnamese normally don’t eat that much in daily life, 4, 5 courses are maximum. Courses are changing everyday based on seasons and particular favor of each family.

Viet Value Travel offers tour to visit local family and enjoy the meal with local people. You will not only understand the local life but also experience what authentic of Vietnamese foodies are!

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