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Most Asked Questions About Vietnam

Being a tour guide for years, I had a chance to meet and talk to thousand of travelers. And of course, a part of my work is answering people questions. It was part of the fun and educate myself as well. I am trying to gather some of the most curious questions about Vietnam I have heard of.

1, How much Vietnamese people earn per year in average ?

– In 2011, GDP in Vietnam was 119 billions USD, so in average Vietnamese people earn about 1,300 USD per year. This is one of the lowest number among the Asian countries.

2, Do Vietnamese people ‘hate’ Chinese?

– I have quite a few of friends look down to Chinese or no sympathy to Chinese. I don’t think they have any particular reasons on it but the wars between 2 countries made those feelings. Chinese often considered as wicked people by Vietnamese. I think this is a common thinking to countries that had a ‘history’ to each others.

3, Vietnamese having sex before marriage?

– They do, especially last 10 years when the storm of internet flow through Vietnam, young people feel more open and taking about sex is less sensitive than before. Older generation sometimes still find difficult to catch up with it and somewhere like countryside sex before marriage is still forbidden.

4, What Vietnamese people feel about American?

– Surprisingly, I never heard much about this on Vietnamese conversation, even on forum or other social network. It is surely people talk about Chinese than ever. I have asked this question to people including Vietnam war veteran and people feel normal about American.

5, When did Ho Chi Minh die?

Ho Chi Minh passed away in Hanoi course of illness on 2nd September 1969, before Vietnam War ended in 1975.

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