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Will You Return To Vietnam?

The Matt’s blog have made a big argument on Vietnamese community recently.  The discussion about his post not only attracted to people who work in hospitality industry but also millions of Vietnamese seasoned travelers. Some are objected his post and identified Matt as inexperienced tourist. Some are totally agreed with it and expressed that Vietnam Tourism should look seriously on their service.

I personally think this case is very personal point of view so I am not saying Matt has been right or wrong on his saying.  Every country has their own fan, people may love it or hate it. However, some of the issues he stated are sadly true based on my own experience after years on the road with travelers. Many thing need to be improve such as taxi scam, overcharge, street vendor hassling and so on. I also believe that small scam group is not represented to Vietnam. Vietnam is the country that you need to stay long enough to understand its people, style of life and its community.

One thing that concern me much which was a statistic stated that over 90% of visitor never return to Vietnam. It is surprising me as I witness many friends of mine repeatedly coming back, not once but few times and most of my customers feel extremely impress with country and people and urge to come back to discover the places they have not seen. Or Vietnam is always on their recommendation list. Of course, my company serve about 3,000 visitors per year only, it is too small number compare to 5 millions of total country visitor. However, I also traveled with thousands of people while doing tour guide for years and rarely seen anyone not enjoy Vietnam, some of the cases also made some people uncomfy about but I don’t think they hated Vietnam or recommend people stay away from it.

Am I being not updated? Vietnam has changed quicker than my catch? I am not too sure about it. Please kindly share your experience or opinion with a simple poll or comment below. Much appreciate it!

Will you travel (again) to Vietnam?

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Comment from Kim
Time: March 31, 2015, 1:15 pm

Vietnam is a total Scam, even your Visa before you even arrive..
They just want you to go there so they can Rob you any way they can……Bad Experience….

Comment from Tuan
Time: September 13, 2016, 3:04 pm

Hello Kim,

I am not too sure what’s actually happened to your Vietnam trip. Could you please share a bit more information on your experience that people can be aware of?



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