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Foodies 4 Tết

Tết (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) is coming!

Like Christmas or New Year in the West, Tết is time of reunion, holiday and also party. Vietnamese celebrates the New Year on 03 first days of January lunar calendar, but all preparation and enjoyment starts and finishes a week before and after those days.

One of the most highlights of Tết is food preparation. Vietnamese cook number of dishes per day during Tết as offerings to ancestors. Afterward they enjoy foods with family and friends.

So, what Vietnamese people eat during Tết? Here are some highlights of foodie you may find in Vietnamese meals.

Bánh Chưng (Square Cake) – Northern Specialty.

Bánh Chưng is a mixture of sticky rice, green bean, pork and other spices like fish source, pepper… They are all wrapped in leaf of ‘Dong’ and boiled in 12 hours. There is another version of similar Bánh Chưng in the South of Vietnam called Bánh Tét. People also change ingredients for different flavors.

Square Cake 4 Vietnamese Tet

Gà Luộc (Chicken)

A must-dish for Tết, Vietnamese believes Chicken dish will bring a prosperity for each member in their family in the New Year. Most popular way to cook is boiling and deep it with salt and lime.

Thit ga luoc

Giò Chả (Vietnamese Sausages)

Vietnamese sausages find rarely in daily meals. It just eaten in special events like Tet, weddings or anniversary party. Vietnamese sausages made of from lean pork or beef, wrap around with banana leaf and steamed.

Vietnamese Sausages

Nem (Spring Rolls)

The original Vietnamese spring rolls made from mixture of pork, vermicelli, egg, bean sprout.. and wrapped by rice paper and fried. People in the city now change the pork to shrimps, beef or other seafood to get different flavors. Spring rolls serve with fish source and other mints.

Nem Vietnam - Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Dưa Hành (Salad)

Northern Vietnamese people prepares soured onion to eat with their Square Cake. There are more ingredients found in the South with bean sprout, carrot, chilly and radish.

Vietnamese Salads

And of course, the Tết meals will not complete with a special Vietnamese drink: Rice Wine!

Vietnamese Rice Wine

Happy Vietnamese New Year 2014!

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