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Vietnamese popular weird dishes!

Note: This article is about the weird Vietnamese foods and it’s photos that may not suitable for everyone! Please consider to leave or keep reading!

Weird food can be found all over the World. Likely every cultures have their own way to show. Vietnam is not an exceptional. I like the saying from the west that I had read when I was in English centre ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’. Today I would like to show you the literal meaning of above saying in Vietnam. You may find those awful, curious or whatever but the fact is Vietnamese love them, eat them and enjoy them even everyday!

Animal – blood pudding (Uncooked) – Tiết canh
Is it strange for you to know that lots of Vietnamese choose this course for their daily breakfast? The most popular one made from the fresh pig’s blood after mixing up with herbs, pork meat then served with a piece of lemon. Depending on region, people can change the animal to goat, duck or even dog (popular only in countryside)


Longyan’s tree buds – Bọ xít rang
This course is so popular in north of Vietnam like Mai Chau or Son La. Summer is Longyan season, there are thousand of bugs hanging on the leaf, people collect them then put them to a water pot for few hours. All their venom will be come off after that then they cook them as deep fried. Served with rice wine.


Balut or fetal duck egg – Trứng Vịt Lộn
Popular throughout Vietnam, you can find it in almost local Pho shops as people eat it for breakfast before Pho. I even found it on Unification Express train and it is best sellers. Local love it, normally served with fine ginger and other Vietnamese herbal. Eat in hot!


Grilled Chicken’s feet – Chân Gà Nướng
Chicken feet are eaten more in the North Vietnam like Hanoi (temperature reason?). It’s grilled after mix up with fish source, chilly, garlic and other ingredients. The popular restaurants in Hanoi are found along the Kim Lien or Nguyen Thai Hoc Street.


Dog meat – Thịt Chó
Most popular food on above listing. Dog meats are eaten almost everywhere in Vietnam, especially in the North. A typical cook offers seven dishes such as boil, grill, steam, broth with noodles and stew…Dog meat served with famous smelly shrimp source and number of Vietnamese herbs.


Animal – wine selection
It’s easy to find and popular drink in Vietnam is rice wine. Vietnamese later chuck more stuff on wine to make different tastes and purpose. Most of mixed wine explained for healthy drink, good for bone and blood – pressure, some stands for Vietnamese Viagra too. The selection included Chinese herbs, poisonous snakes, baby goat, bird, pig or pricy of bear’s hands!


Lists are long and seem to be endless, however those above are most popular and widen – eat throughout Vietnam. Like it or not, believe it or not, you are invited to Vietnam for travel and experience the differences. Is that the main reasons for us to travel and see the new things, new lands and new cultures?

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