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Family Strings

Family is always special for all of us, maybe the performance is made differently in different cultures but I think the core values are quite similar. Someone has said ‘you will not understand Vietnam until you get to know enough how important of Vietnamese family ties’. I agree and just trying to find the reasons to prove it and you may find the difference that Vietnamese culture presented.

First of all, Vietnamese people get strongly influenced by Confucianism which was the religion of social Feudalism. It settled the society by its rules in order to create the standard of values that people must follow. One of the important rules in Confucianism is the value of family relation. It puts the high rank for relation between member in family such as husband and wife, parent and other relative, parents and children, old generation and young generation. Amazingly, throughout thousands of years, those values are still passing from generation to generation.

Vietnamese have been trained and learnt to be suitable for community and family. Particularization is not acceptable. If someone lives for himself, he already chooses his own way to be minority in society. People based on their family to find the peace and safety conditions in their lives.

Family in Vietnam stands like a system of mini society, the header often is the oldest who has a strong ‘voice’ and involved in most activities in house. It processes smoothly under rules and flexibility of each family. In the West, if you don’t have money, you may ask you bank, but in Vietnam I will firstly ask my mum, if she doesn’t have it, she may ask her sister, sister may ask her brother in law. We live in that system call ‘circle economics’ or like LAN network in your office.

Those values pass to Vietnamese from very beginning of people’s lives. The lesions of respect and greatness to parents, grandpas and loves to home country were touched sophisticatedly to people when they were a little. The first lesion in school is how to respect teacher and other rules on preserving family culture values. Is this also the core values of famous nationalism in Vietnam?

1986, Vietnam opened its door to other nations, gaining great records in economics. Besides, Vietnamese is facing to unexpected changes in culture values, but the family values still in well preserve. There is an invisible string that ties up people in family relationship, the family is still most important for Vietnamese in despite of outdated Feudalism that I will try to explain in another post. Vietnamese still hold the strong believe that their family is the one and only like the song that all Vietnamese know when we were in kindle garden. The words are very simple but meaningful to us:

There are many stars in sky

There is much rice on the rice field

There are number of bird voices in the forest

But, like the sun, my mum is the one and only!

It may have been too long post now; I got to go home. Bye Bye!

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