Calypso Junk Inspection

Viet Value Travel has just finished another site inspection in Halong in order to recheck our cruise product especially on safety conditions. Inpection trip went smoothly and we have gained much of confidence while recomending a middle range Junk of Calyso Cruise to our clients. Trip reported by Ms. Thanh Thuy our Sales Manager from Hanoi Head Office. 

Being designated by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage in 1994, Halong Bay greets thousands of tourists ever year to visit. The name Halong is explained as “Descending Dragons” in Vietnamese, stems from the Vietnamese legend when the dragons landed off the place to protect people, and protect the place here, created many island like today. Famed for its picturesque scenery with stalactite caves and its varied ecological system with thousands of kinds of fish and other sea creatures, Halong become a must-see place for visitors to Vietnam. 
That is often what I read or was told before coming to Halong, which inspires my eagerness and interest in this beauty resort so much. Therefore, I am so excited with the trip I was offered last weekend.
Got pick up by the bus by 9am, we started our way to Halong. There were not so much people in that trip and we soon got acquaintance with each other during the talks on our way. The tour guide had a short introduction about himself and told us about the programs we would have in our 2 day trip in Halong. At that time, we were welcome to raise any questions and special requests for ourselves. We were passing through gorgeous countryside, with lots of farmers and rice fields. Stopped on the half way for a short break and leg stretching at Hai Duong province, travelers could go around this small market and shopped some distinctively featured Vietnamese hand-made, brocade or silky souvenirs before continuing our trip to Halong. 
The welcome board at the gate takes our bus to Halong Bay. The excitement raised more and more… Just a few minutes to come to the harbor. Halong Bay - Here we comes! I knew it immediately when I felt the flow of sea wind and the smell of salty sea water. It took only a few minutes on the small boat until our van get on the cruise. Calypso Cruise crew greeted us with their friendliness and thoughtfulness. Having a cool fruit drink from the bar tender, enjoyed a short rest before receiving the room key and check in our room. Woody decoration brings the boat and its internal smart and elegant beauty. Receiving the room key from the tour guide, we checked in the room to put the luggage and take a shower before the plentiful lunch with fresh sea foods. Although it was quite late for the lunch (1pm), almost no one could stand still at the lunch desk for just eating. People had to stand sometimes during the meal to take photos of the beautiful islands the boat went by until they finished the lunch and had free time to go to the deck and take as many pictures as they wished. We had free time at leisure for sleeping, sightseeing or sunbathing before we continued to discover one of the biggest caves in Halong – Amazing Cave at 3pm. Although I felt asleep and a little bit tired of the quite long drive, I, like other members in the van, did not spend time sleeping, as we could not stand the beauty here. I chose lying on the bench for the sunbath along with the sightseeing; no forget to take pictures of the surroundings. Sunshine with wind and waves makes this trip like an adventure. 

Best time came with the trip to Amazing Cave. All of us were so curious about what made us surprised there. A short ride on the small boat took our van to the cave… We docked and walked up some stone steps to the cave. There were 3 parts accordingly with 3 rooms in the cave; and the deeper we went inside, the bigger the room were. It was the time for us to use our imagination and creativity. How interesting and amazing the rock formations were, it depended upon yourselves; however, the tour guide always gave his useful help ad suggestions so that we could see what we should and must see.
Going inside, the limestone cave was well lit - with different areas highlighted with different colors. The deeper I went, the more wonderful the cave was. How amazed at the variation and vastness of the cave I was. The formations of the rock were so gorgeous! We could see the crocodile on the ceiling, the monkey on the stones, Romeo and Juliet sitting near each other, and other amazing things that you can discover yourselves using your max-imagination. 

Coming back from Amazing Cave with excitement, on the boat, we kept talking about it and shared with the van what we saw on our exploration. Getting on the cruise, it was time to swim and relax in the cool water or you can go up to the deck and enjoy the sunset. I went up deck, lying to saw the dawn and took pictures of this fantastic scenery. Foreigners people really like the sunset and sunrise (also, the sky full of stars at night) as they seldom have chance to see it in their country. Some even decided to stay one more night to enjoy the cruise trip as they love this peaceful place so much. At 6pm, we participated in the cooking class to see how to cook Vietnamese spring roll cuisine and then enjoyed our product. 7pm came the delicious dinner – the mixture of both land and sea food. The excellent presentation with tasty smell made the food so attractive to us, especially after an active day around. The tender were always enthusiastic, attentive and kind to us, which I felt very grateful. Suddenly, the electricity went out. Every body was surprised. Was there any problem?  However, we were even more surprised when the new cuisine was brought in – the shrimp dish with its so skillful decoration with candle and fruit-flowers. We enjoyed this so much and felt thankful for their exciting surprise they kindly brought to us. The meal was so nice really. After dinner, the tour guide suggested us the two options for tonight entertainment: singing karaoke or going fishing. Most of us wanted to try our luck by catching the fish. How intelligent fish here were! The day ended when everyone went to bed and have a sound slept after a dynamic day. 
I got up early the next morning to wait for the sunrise, of which I had been always dreaming. During waiting time, I practiced Tai Chi as the morning exercise as I thought that it would be good for my kayaking today. The exercise took half an hour, just in time to see the sunrise after that. Cameras are all ready to catch one of the most splendid moments on the sea with mountainous and rocky surroundings. What could be more beautiful than that! Then, we went downstairs to have breakfast – European style with bread, butter, sausage, tea or café and fruits. Slight but enough energy for the new zealous day. Before that, the tour guide reminded us of the programs today in which we have two choices: go kayaking or visiting Titop beach so that we could discuss together in our meal. Most of young people chose kayaking and I was among those J. At first, other people and I were afraid that we did not know how to sail the boat. However, after just a few minutes, we knew its rules and could race with each other! Passed through the Luon Cave to see the marble rock shapes splendidly reflected by the sunshine, then out to the other side to watch monkeys running after each other to fight for the food, which were so funny and lovely. 

Rest of the time was just wandering to enjoy the wind, the sunshine and the sightseeing here until we came back our cruise. It was mid-afternoon and time for us to check out of the room before lunch – or last time on the boat. We made our time meaningful by sitting together, chill-out, and then taking pictures together to keep as memory. After lunch, checking our luggage, we were picked up to the harbor for a 3-hour drive to Hanoi. It was time to exchange the contact before saying good-bye to each other.  

Halong Bay trip is always a really meaningful trip to me anytime I travel here. The trip with Calypso cruise had all its qualities and standards to meet the most fastidious customers’ requirements. One of my first and foremost impressions in here is the excellent service quality. The bar tender and the tour guide was so helpful, friendly, enthusiastic, and kind to us. With their permanent smiles on lips, they are willing to help us whenever we wanted and answered all of our questions with their most pleasure. Also, they were so attentive to our accommodation, our situation during the meals or our relaxation. They really made our trip a new home.

Another thing I could not forget was the excellent presentation of the foods which gave us full-stomach and full – eye meals. I was greatly thankful for the effort they brought to the decoration of the food which all of us were surprised and admired. I love the shrimp tree they did. So beautiful!

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Update 25/02/2018 (Source: VVT)
Sunday, February 25, 2018
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