Viet Value Travel inspects Marguerite Cruise in Halong Bay (Updated)

Viet Value Travel is inspecting The Marguerite Cruise in Halong Bay on 29th June 2011 in order to check quality and service on this 3 star Junk cruise in Halong bay. 
This is our annual trip inspection trips from Viet Value Travel by our 'Value Team' to check and maintaining our tour's services or find out new reliable products to our customers. Here is the trip report from our Sales Manager - Thuy Hoang:

The second time in 2011 inspecting on a cruise in Halong Bay did not lower my eagerness and aspiration as this time, I get the chance to experience a quite new cruise with a very charming name: Marguerite Cruise. 
The name after a chrysanthemum make me imagine of the gentleness and peace meeting the staff here. And this came true during my trip, from start to the end. We took the first chance to get acquaintance with all members and then joined in team games. I wanted to keep this game type for you to discover yourselves when you traveled with the cruise. But to be sure that after the game, everyone will have their own nicknames which is very funny and lovely (we even forgot our friends’ real names after the trip as we had to call by nicknames, or else, fees would be charged ). 3 hours - time passed by quickly than ever. We got on the tender to the main cruise. Marguerite has their 2 overnight cruises (with 12 cabins and 09 cabins) and 3 day cruises. Marguerite cruises are launched in 2008 and now is managed by Mr. Chinh – who had nearly 10 years in tourism. Activities and design of the cruise are all based on his own experience and study through years doing in the same business, which gave the customers the best and most satisfied services. Some of can be named here as: Safety is the first impression on us – with 02 stairs along 02 side of the cruise, cabin doors look to the balconies and there is emergency rings in 02 sides of the cruises. Compared with other 3 standard cruises, Marguerite Cruise has larger berth, larger bathroom and larger restaurant which will be your karaoke room with many songs and all needed equipments (we did have very cheerful time singing here) and large sundeck on which it can be turned out as BBQ party. Another interesting experience on Marguerite Cruise is the Cooking Class – 102 style, I think. Here, you will be taught how to trim fruits into flowers and how to decorate the dishes – really interesting, isn't it? Another thing that impressed me much is the caring service from the staff here. They pay much attention to customers during the meals (when I dropped out the chopstick and was about to call for another one, when I looked up, the staff just brought the chopstick to my table already), after customers’ activities (drink and wet towels when we came back from the kayaking, swimming) and always willing to help when we asked for something. 

The only thing to be suggested to improve the services of Marguerite Junk is the staff’s command of English. They are attentive and caring to customers, even you do not need to require; however, if they can practic more with foreigners, it is sure that they can do more and do far better.

In the coming time, I trust that Marguerite will be one of the good choice for a memorable trip to Halong Bay. 

Update 23/02/2018 (Source: VVT)
Friday, February 23, 2018
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