Vietnam Travel Blog in English hits 3.500 visits after 2 weeks of launching!

Viet Value Travel has just officially launched our own travel blog and gained much of attention from worldwide readers. Tuan - the main writer of blog is being tried to drive reader to real Vietnam with rich contents that related to culture, social, travel and a bit about his travel experiences. 

'I really want to put this blog as 'personal' while giving the readers to understand more about Vietnam today. As our products are much focusing on culture so I guess our readers may find those articles useful' Tuan said.

After 2 weeks of launching, blog hits over 3,500 visit, people mostly came from US, Australia and Europe. It proves that Vietnamese culture are big attention for visitors to Vietnam. 

'I plan to write more about daily life of Vietnamese people. I found it interesting to show Westerners how Vietnamese people think, do and things happen around them' Tuan added. 

You can expect to read more interesting articles at That would be much appreciated if you could put your comments or share it to others. 

'I must send my thanks to IT team of Viet Value Travel that help me lots on those personal pages. Especially Mr. Chau for his creative design and spending hours on coding' Tuan said. 

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Update 15/12/2017 (Source: VVT)
Friday, December 15, 2017
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