Airport Transfer FAQs



1. What is your transfer instruction?
Once upon your arrival, our driver will hold a sign board with your name in front of your exit terminal. The same instruction at your hotel. Our driver is always presented at pick up point at least 15 minutes before your arrival time or departure time. 

2. What if driver will not shown up?
We always arrange plenty of time in advance for traffic and delays. However, if you can not find our driver or tour guide within 15 minutes, please call us immediately by given hotline and person in charge on your booking. It is rarely happened and we will issue 100% refund to your transfers. 

3. What should I do if my flight get delayed?
It happens lots. Please do let us know by phone or email as soon as you can. That will help us to re - plan your transfer and avoid unnessary costing. A little additional charge may involved if our waiting time exceeds 3 hours. 

4. What is your capacity of your transport?
We use modern and new transportation only. To maximize your comfortable ride, we recommend the capacity as below:

  • 4 seater car: Allowed for max of 3 people
  • 7 seater Suv: Allowed for max of 4 people
  • 16 seater Van: Allowed for max of 8 people
  • 29 seater coach: Allowed for max of 18 people
  • 45 seater coach: Allowed for max of 30 people 
The capacity above applied for passenger travel with 1 big bag or suitcase and a handbag. If you travel heavy, we recommend you book a bigger transport following our capacity recommended above. 

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