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1. When is the best time to travel to Vietnam?

It is depending on what part in Vietnam you are going to travel to as weather is different in other part. South of Vietnam got 2 main seasons, dry & raining - raining season start from June to september but at the same time north of Vietnam having summer and fall with good condition of weather. Please contact us for details following your specific travel time and route.

2. Is it safe to travel to Vietnam?
It is very safe to travel in Vietnam. Vietnam still one of the safest country in the world with very low of crime.

3. I am single female traveler, what should I be aware?
Generally, single travelers having very safe environmental in Vietnam. At the time of writting, we have not heard any reports on harassment problem or anything like that in Vietnam.

4. What about bird-flu current status in Vietnam right now?
Vietnam was reported by WHO as one of the best country on bird-flu defence. At the moment ( June 2007 ), Vietnam found some cases in serveral provinces in Mekong delta but not found any cases affected to human.

5. Do I need visa for Vietnam?
Most of travelers need visa to get in Vietnam except some of the asian countries as well as some north-europe nations. Please contact us for details and current updates.

6. How about shopping in Vietnam?
Vietnam is good place for shopping, every city or province of Vietnam has specialties that you can hunt for. Famous products for travelers are : water puppet, traditional hats, Ao Dai long to our travel advisors for further details guide.

7. How can I get a pre-departure guide from Viet Value Travel?
On every booked tours, you will be given our pre - departure guide which is covered all necessary information about Vietnam including transport guide, shopping guide, country information...Please do let us know if you want to get a free one. We are happy to pass it to anyone need it.

8. Does Vietnam accept credit cards?
Credit cards accept in most part of Vietnam, more widen in large cities like Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang, Nha Trang...most of restaurants, coffee shops, travel agencies accept Visa, master cards, dinner club. Extra fees will be applied in most places. You also can cash by many ATMs in big cities mentioned above.

9. What is Vietnamese currency?
Vietnamese DONG ( VND ), current exchange to US dollar now is : 1 USD = 16.100 VND.

10. What most basic Vietnamese culture rules should I have to note?
Please see our Dos & Donts section here

11. I have some VND left, can I change them back to my currency before going home?
You can change VND back to your currency at main airports in Vietnam.

12. Do I need to pay airport tax in Vietnam? how much?
Yes, airport tax now costs 14 USD per person.

If you have any questions that not covered on above answers, please kindly do let us know by email. We are more than happy to clear your concerns as soon as possible.

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