Cruise FAQs



1. It shown up the different cruise to the one I have booked, what'd happened?
It could happen rarely as number of reasons from cruise operator. We will always inform you far in advance and if we have to change the cruise, that must be a 'upgrade' to better one. Not a 'suprise' to our customers. You will have control on that change totally even the cancelltion without any charges.

2. Why others on the same cruise paid and get the different services and prices to us?
Cruise operator has varied services on cruise, someone may not joined all addtional services (like kayking, special meals for Veteran...) and someone does. Prices can be different too depending on contract between cruise operator and travel agencies (like us). We confidently guarantee the lower price or the same with all agencies to the same cruise and services.

3. We are traveling with group of 3, how do you arrange bedding for us?
Apart from charter, one of you will share room or cabin with someone else as prices are quoted as twin shared basic. A small addtional single charge is optioned if you want to take single room or cabin. Triple cabin (for 3 adults) is rarely existed in our cruise list.

4. What should I bring to cruise?
It depends on how length of your cruise is really and your personal needs. We recommend you bring light belongings, some cash for drink and passport. Again, please contact our sales for specific advices.

5. There are number of choices for cruise, that made me confused which one to take?
Right! There are different ranges of cruise, different in styles, prices. If you don't know which one is suitable for yourself, we highly recommend you contact our sales for best recommendation for your trip. Sometimes, expensive cruises may not yet be the best for you and so on.

6. What about the safety conditions of your recommended cruises?
We always put the safety of customers at first. All our cruises are carefully selected to meet international safety standard conditions. Cruise must have safety conditions certificate that issued by local authority and all safety equipments as well as trained staffs. Please contact our sales for specific question you may have.

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