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1. How come your rates are so lower than hotel rack rates & other website?
We are local tour operator who has been building a good relationship with hoteliers nation-wide, with a great number of bookings yearly, we are at good position to have a good deals from hotels and we pass them to our customers. Thats reason why our price is always the best. 

2. How do I book my hotels listed in your website?
Once you have selected your desire hotels in our website, please let us know by click on 'book this hotel' button then submit your information to us. Or you can email us, chat live with our sales or give us a call directly. We will process your booking upon reciving your request. See more on our booking guide

3. What should I do after submit my hotel requests on your website?
Maximum 10 hours ( normally much less than 10 hours ), you will receive our email to advise on hotel's availabilty, on that email, we will also advise you on payment mode or alternative hotels if your chosen hotels are fully booked. If you don't hear from us in time, it is very much like we are not receiving your request, please kindly let us know at once. See more on our booking guide

4. How do I pay Viet Value Travel?
There are number of ways to pay us. Please see our booking guide.

5. What happen if I don't have credit cards or Paypal account?
Please see our booking guide for alternative payment modes

6. What solutions for my late bookings?
Late booking are very common, we recommend you phone us or chat live with us instead of email to make your booking faster. Fast payment mode like credit cards online or Paypal maybe a good solution for late booking. If you are in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, we can come to collect cash from your place. 

7. How much time in advance should I need to make my hotel bookings with Viet Value Travel?
We highly recommend you make your booking as soon as possible because demandings from Vietnam hotels are very high especially on high season. Make bookings early helps you on having better price & also quality of your accommodation.

8. I have some children traveling with me, how do you arrange bedings for us?
It is depending on each hotel's policy. But mostly, children under 12 years old is free of charge and sharing existing beds with parents ( breakfast not included ). More than 12 year old will be stated as an adult. Please contact our sales for further details of specific hotels.

9. Does your price including breakfast & taxes? what else we have to pay extra?
Most of hotel's price included breakfast & all taxes otherwise stated at the time of booking. We always stated clearly what you must pay from the beginning. There are absolutely no hidden fees after your booking.

10. How do I cancel my bookings? & any cancellation fees?
Cancellation must be sent to our offices by email, fax. Please see our term & conditions for cancellation fees.

11. How do I check in?
After your booking completed, you are always given a accommadtion voucher or service voucher by our sales. Please print this voucher out and show to hotel receptionist ( optional ). Or just simply tell them your full name which was given to us at the time of booking.

12. What check in & check out time?
It is also depending on hotel's policy. However, check in time is normally set at 2 in the afternoon & check out time is 12 in the morning. Please contact our sales for further details on specific hotels.

13. I am arrive on very late at night, should I mention this to Viet Value Travel or directly to hotel?
It is basicly no need to mentioned to anyone as your rooms are already booked, however, if you have chance to do it, you can contact us for your information or requests.

14. Why I have to show my passport to hotel's receptionist? is it safe & common in Vietnam?
This is common case in Vietnam, hotels must take passport of visitors to make declaration to police at the first night. However, some 4, 5 star hotels just need it for a while and return it to you right away.

15. What happen if my given room is different from the room catergory I have booked through Viet Value Travel?
Please contact us immediatedly, we will contact to hotels and arrange the right catergory for you right away.

16. What happen if my booking is not shown on hotel's check in system?
Please make sure that your name is match to the name you gave us at the time of booking. Also check with hotel that you have booked through Viet Value Travel. That will clear the confusion of your friend booked hotels and giving his/her name to us so hotel not recognized you on their system. Otherwise, please contact us on hotline for assistance.

17. Should I ask for refund if my booking is not shown?
We will issue fully refund if you don't get room you have booked with us. Please represent your service voucher to our staff to get your refund.

18. What happen if my belongings disapared from my room?
Contact hotel's management immediatedly, if needed, police must be involved. Please contact us when you can, we will try all the best to sort things out for you. However, we are not responsible for any issues at your hotels.

19. Can I change the current room if I am not happy with it?
You can ask hotel's management or contact us for changing your room with a fair reason to do so.

20. How can I prelong my stay at my current hotel?
There are 2 ways to do that, you can contact your hotel directly to check rates and availability, however, rates may not be the same to our discounted rates. Please contact us to get our best deals on your extention stay. 

21. Can I use my membership cards for more hotel's discount?
No, our price is fixed on hotel's rates, however, you maybe can use your membership cards on room upgrade, hotels facility or other hotel's service discount.

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