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1. What is Visa On Arrival (VOA) and it is legit?
Visa On Arrival (VOA) is a pre - arrangement visa over the internet, all those documents allow you have a right to pick up your visa in 3 points in Vietnam (Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City airport). This is the quickest way to obtain your visa to Vietnam. Or otherwise, you need to arrange your visa before entering Vietnam at Vietnam Embassy in your country. 

Visa On Arrival is totally legitimate, it is excactly the same value as visa abtained at Embassy. But Visa On Arrival is surely faster and cheaper. 

2. Do I need visa to Vietnam?
Most of travelers need a visa to Vietnam. Please check our list of country and region no need visa to Vietnam in certain of times. 

3. How Visa On Arrival Works?
Process your Vietnam visa on arrival is very simple, it just takes you a couple of minutes, we take care the rest. Once you submit and pay your service, we will send your information you provided to Vietnam Immigration Office. Within 24 hours, Vietnam Immigration Office will issue a document called: Approval Letter. We will forward that Approval Letter to you via Email or Fax. You print it out and get your visa stamp at the airport that you first landed. 

Please note that: You will NOT able to get your visa at Vietnam airport WITHOUT Approval Letter we mentioned above. Or you have to contact your Vietnam Embassy at your country in advance to get your visa. 

4. What will I need to prepare at the airport?
After having our Approval Letter by fax or email. You need to prepare few things to present at the airport as below:

1, Passport (make sure it valids in more than 6 months)
2, A print copy of Approval Letter you had from us (One each)
3, 02 passport photos each sized 4cmx6cm (Photo service is available at airport)
4, Stamp fees of 25 USD per visa for Single Entry Visa or 50 USD for Mutiple Entry Visa (You had better to prepare exactly amount notes) 

5. When should I apply a visa & what type of visa should I choose?
As our guaranteed processing time in 48 hours only so you are totally controling your apply time by yourself. However, we recommend you to apply in advance one or two weeks before your arrival day to avoid any unexpected administative problems.

We offer different types of Vietnam visa, valid from 1 to 6 months, one entry or mutiple entry. Which one to take will depend much on your specific travel plan. If you travel just within Vietnam and less than 30 days, no exit and re - enter, The One Entry for One Month Visa will be good enough. If you travel to other countries nearby or so and come back Vietnam, the Mutiple Entry is a must. We recommend you a 3 months Visa with Mutiple entry which is better in timing if you wish to change your plan sometimes on the trip. And the costing of this visa type is not far expensive than the other by the way. 

6. Should I choose the date of visa match to the date of my arrival?
No, you don't have to. Your visa is valid on the gap of time you chosen. You can totally get in & out on that period of time. But not before or after that period of time. For Example: Your chosen date for your one month visa is 06 March 2012, your visa will be expried on 06 April 2012. You can only get in on or after anytime of 06 March 2012 and exit on or before anytime of 06 April 2012. 

Please also note that, your visa validity is running on the time that writen on Approval Letter. It is Not related to your arrival day at all. 

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