Annette and Arthur Fry

Hello Tuan,
We have been very busy since we arrived home from what was one of the most memorable and remarkable tours of our life.
I don’t know if Bob passed to you the article I wrote on our return home.  I have edited the original slightly, and have been promised that I will have my article published on our Vietnam Veterans’ Association web site for not only members to read, but anyone else interested in Vietnam, or indeed in Veterans’ pastime pursuits.

Again, thank you, and Bob, for creating such a wonderful itinerary for tourists and returning Veterans to see your country in such a magnificent way.
Also, we want to record our thanks to Huong who is a most excellent and skilled guide with an impeccable command of the English language.
We really had a great time, and we thank Huong for meeting our friend’s dietary requirements which we acknowledge she did not declare prior to her arrival, more is the pity.  Huong  did extremely well to meet her needs as we went along.
Again, many thanks for your assistance.  It was wonderful to meet with you, and Annette and I certainly hope that we will meet you again, either in your country or ours, in the future.
I will enclose my slightly edited and brushed up article, and please fee free to use quotes from it as you want, in the promotion of your excellent company.
Annette and Arthur Fry