Sigi Cerveny

Dear Tuan,
I had been meaning to write since you led our trip in Vietnam but human nature being what it is, it failed – both myself and Julie absolutely enjoyed your country and will be back for sure.Your country has amazing history and I admire your people  and their capacity to work – I have no doubt that with the ethics your people have, that the country will grow.What also brought about thoughts of our trip was that a girlfriend of one of my work colleges in going on a trip –  leaving Hanoi with the group on 1st December.

Her name is Eliza Garnsey and I hope she is with a group you are leading –  your knowledge and insight into the people and culture made it all the more interesting and I’m sure you will look after her.
We can still re-call being in the cave with the General and the stirring manner in which he still sang the inspirational songs of the war.
I hope you and your family are well and would love to hear from you and
your progress, if you have the time.
Kind Regards
Sigi Cerveny
Relationship Manager
Arab Bank Australia Limited
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