Antonio Bufano

Hello dear Anh,
Sorry for late answer but we were busy with job after 3 weeks of vacation. The return flight was very well although long duration but now we have recovered from jet lag sindrome. 🙂
The feelings with the travel and with you are very very good. It could appen that there is some problem now and then and it’s my duty to tell you that to improve but, after all, we really appreciate the problem solving speed and it’s very important when you are abroad in vacation.
The tour guides we had were all good with some difference between one and another.
Than was very professional and friendly and it was appreciate because we felt as we were travelling with someone we knew from long time.
Nhien is very competent with history and with the knowledge of the places we visited. On the road between Hoi An and Hue we stopped at a big marble shop but, unfortunately, we are not that kind of tourist that are happy to spend time in shops when travelling, so, we told him don’t stop anymore in shops and he was very compliant with our request so we enjoyed the rest of the tour.
About Phoenix Cruise it was fantastic! Very good the boat, the food and the activities and, first of all, very good the young guide Loc.
For all these reasons, of course, in my next travel in your region I’ll contact again you and maybe we could meet again or, maybe, in your next travel in Italy…why not? 🙂
Best regard and keep in contact!!!

Angela & Antonio

Ho Hindong

Hi Anh

My wife and I enjoyed our Hanoi trip very much. The free upgrade for our Halong Bay cruise to Au Co made it even more memorable and the whole holiday experience wonderful. We have been encouraging our friends to go Hanoi on customised tour the same as we did. Hopefully that will translate into new business for your company. As for us, we plan to go visit Hue, Danang and Hoi An within the next 2 years, also during March season which has nice weather.

Here is the feedback. The first tour guide, Sinh, is helpful and knowledgeable but appeared to be inexperienced in customer handling. One small suggestion for him: volunteer to take photos for the customers particularly when they are a couple instead of happily standing there waiting to be in the photos!

The second guide is our guide in Sapa, Quang. Again, he is either inexperienced or still a long way to learnt the trade. Either than our scheduled visit to Cat Cat Village and Heaven Gate cum Silver Waterfall, he did not volunteer to suggest other interesting places we could visit on our own in Sapa. We left Sapa Town at 2pm to Lao Cai but our train only departs at 9pm!! Luckily, we asked the driver to go to the China border to kill 2 some time. Otherwise, we would be waiting at Lao Cai for 6 hours!! He is also another tour guide happily to be included in the photos instead of volunteering to take photos for the customers. Needless to say, I have to ask him to take photos for my wife and I now and then.

Third and fourth guide, Hieu and Sinh (different from the first guide) are more experienced. We do not have much to comment on Sinh as he only accompanied us to the Halong Bay jetty and fetched us back to Hanoi after our Halong Bay trip. Hieu is helpeful and experienced. He is also more calm in handling unexpected events. We enjoyed his company a lot. And as an experienced guide, of course he volunteered to take photos for us without requests.

Other than the tour guides, we are very pleased with the hotel accomodation, food and transport.

Hope you find the feedback useful.


Hin Dong

Julie Hele


We want to say that we had a great time in Vietnam and were really happy
with the service provided by your company.
We had a fantastic time with Wang in Nha Trang and doing the snorkeling trip,
I found that a highlight.
We also liked the trips in Ho Chi Minh, with Ban or Van. He did a really
good job and was very knowledgeable and we learnt lots.
The Mekong Delta trip was great and we really enjoyed the trips with just
our family, I didn’t realise that was what I had paid for, but I was really
happy with that.
Thanks again, keep up the good work and we will definately recommend to our

Thank you
Julie Hele


Hi Anh,
Hope you are well 🙂
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!
I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time in Vietnam and that the services from all your guides and drivers were excellent! They were all very friendly, attentive and made sure we got the most out of the experiences.
What is the link to your Facebook page? I would be happy to upload some photos from the trip!

Philip Cresswell

Dear Anh.

Thank you for organizeing my trip to Vietnam.
The guides and drivers were excellent, the hotels were excellent, everything was on time, and your planning was excellent. Thank you.
I will always recommend Viet Value Travel.

Happy New Year

Warm Regards

Philip Cresswell ( UK )


Good morning anh,

Thank you for your helpful and kindness…

I’m very sorry for this condition..sorry for disturbing you and mr.hoa all the sujito has problem with his stomach, this kind of stomachache is the first time that he im very worried about that……but it’s ok now…we already give a medicine.

The tour was fastastic..we are really enjoy it..

We will come back to vietnam for next trips..and i hope you still there and standby for us…^^

Once again, we are sorry about this happened.


Setyadi ( Indonesia )


Dear Anh,

It is so nice to hear from you. We had a pleasant flight and were home safely last evening.

Actually, it is me who should be thankful for your kind arrangement with the nice and clean hotel, good food and excellent service from both the guide and the driver. Although we were disappointed for not being able to go on the cruise at Halong Bay, it was generally a memorable trip for all of us.

If we decide to visit Hanoi or Vietnam again, we will definitely contact you. I will also recommend your services to my friends if they want to visit your beautiful country.

Once again, thank you very much for your services.

Best regards,

Jay Buffa

Dear Tuan,
It’s been a week since I got back from Asia and I wanted to take a few minutes to say how much YOU and your TEAM contributed to me having a very good trip to Vietnam. Your service and advice was outstanding and the hotel was far better than what the others from the U.S.A. got. They were at the Best Western, and my accommodations were so much better. Minh, was Fantastic, there are no words to say how well she fit into my business plans and individ. Sight seeing. You could charge a little bit more, the value is well worth it. Continue reading

Sigi Cerveny

Dear Tuan,
I had been meaning to write since you led our trip in Vietnam but human nature being what it is, it failed – both myself and Julie absolutely enjoyed your country and will be back for sure.Your country has amazing history and I admire your people  and their capacity to work – I have no doubt that with the ethics your people have, that the country will grow.What also brought about thoughts of our trip was that a girlfriend of one of my work colleges in going on a trip –  leaving Hanoi with the group on 1st December. Continue reading

Michael Osborne

Hi Tuan ,
We just got back to work. Thanks again for your hospitality And and I had a great trip in Vietnam with your company.
I also had recommended your travel agent to my brother. And he will contact to you soon.
My brother is looking to travel with his family and 2 others to Vietnam.They are looking for accommodation ( similar to other asian countries ) that is like a self-contained beach villa or house in a beach location with pool etc . Does Vietnam cater for this ? Continue reading

Jody and Arthur

Dear Loan,
This is a note to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in planning our vacation to Laos and Vietnam.  We have traveled all over the world..I have been to over 75 countries and I have to say that this was one of the very best.  You were so patient and willing to planned a brilliant trip for us and we are so grateful.  From the moment we stepped off the plane, we knew that we were in good hands.  You really took care of us. Please use our names as a reference.  It was a pleasure to work with Viet Value and you. Please send our regards to our guides who were also very good. Continue reading

Sally Chimarusti

Hi Loan,
Thank you for the email. We arrive home safely and have really enjoyed our stay in Vietnam. We really want to thank you for all you hard work and effort to make our trip perfect!
Quan was a great guide and we worried about nothing while he was in charge.
Say hi to him for us.
Also the Tulico train was probably a better trip than the Victoria. I think because the car is not at the end to the train it is a smoother ride and we all slept better. Continue reading

Alasdair Gillespie

Hi Loan,
I am fine thanks, how are you?
Our one day trip to Halong Bay was superb. Far better than we expected. Our Guide, driver and all of the people on the boat were very friendly. Can not recommend this enough. Halong Bay is well worth a visit.
Thanks Loan and everyone at vietvalue travel.
Alasdair Gillespie


Dear Thanh Loan,
Please be assured that the trip you organised for me was superb in all aspects.
From my initial contact with you to reluctantly leaving Vietnam I had a truly wonderful time.
My sincere thanks for organising the visa and providing the excellent guide Lu’u for the Dien Bien Phu part of the trip.  A special word of praise for the driver, I am afraid I didn’t catch his name but he was an extremely skillful and competent operator who never seemed to be put off by the road and weather conditions and always seemed to be smiling.  I regretted that I could not speak Vietnamese to express my admiration for his stamina and endurance. Continue reading

Phill Wilson & Adrienne Taylor

Dear Loan,
Thank you and your staff for all your help in making our short stay in Vietnam so enjoyable. When we arrived at the airport for our transfer to Whale Island and realized we had left our passports in the hotel safe it seemed our holiday was ruined but thanks to your staff we are back in Bangkok with nothing but praise and appreciation of your companies efforts and their ability to turn what seemed a disaster of our own making into an enjoyable holiday. We would especially like to thank Mr Linh for his efforts and efficiency. Continue reading

Ulrich and Brigitte Schlaefli

Dear Loan,
Dear Lam,
Back in KL since yesterday evening, it is time to thank you and Vietvalue Travel for the excellent service we received from arrival to departure. All the arranged bookings and tours were well managed and to our entire satisfaction. We also appreciated the professional service and the personnal touch of the Tour Guides.
We shall certainly recommend Viet Value Travel to our acquaintances and friends here in KL and in Switzerland.
Continue reading

Rosemary Wilmot

Dear Loan,
Thank you again for organising our trip. We had a wonderful time and didn’t want to leave.  Everything went very smoothly. The guides Phuc and Quan were lovely and looked after us well.  Your drivers are very safe and we had comfortable trips. We hope to come back one day to see more of Vietnam.
I have passed on your company brochure to a friend.

Rosemary Wilmot


Dear Thanh Loan,
My friends and I have returned from the Vietnam vacation.  I just wanted to email you to let you know how impressed I was with your company’s service. Our tour guide, Mr Nguyen Tien Dung was very professional and knowledgable. I shall look for your company again the next time I am in Vietnam!