Can Tho


Can Tho - the capital of the Mekong River Delta is located 170km West of Saigon. Can Tho is an important traffic hub and the mainstream of agricultural in Vietnam. Can Tho city and other cities in Mekong Delta were formed thousands of years by the legendary Mekong River. A rich alluvial soil had brought the region an economic power in agriculture, aquaculture. Besides it created a culture and unique identity. Tourism in recent years is also a significant resource for the economy of Can Tho.

How to get to Can Tho?

There is a direct flight from Hanoi to Can Tho launched recently by Vietnam Airlines. If you travel from Saigon. Local bus can be found in Ben Xe Mien Tay that departs number of times daily. 
Viet Value Travel also offers private transfer from Saigon to Can Tho, Chau Doc and other cities of Mekong Delta. Please contact our sales by email or chat live with them to get the quotation. 

What to see in Can Tho?

Ninh Kieu Quay

The landmark of Can Tho City which is very heart of Hau River. It will be a nice hangout at night with locals. There are plenty of cafe shops and food stalls in Ninh Kieu. This is aslo the starting point for cruise to Mekong River.

Floating Market

A must - place to visit in Can Tho. Recommended early departure to see how local trading on Hau river. As Can Tho is a big economic central of province, all agricultutral products such us fruits, rice, corn...are gathering here for trading. Market start about 4am and ends about 8am in the morning. 

Handicraft Villages

Can Tho is home of many handicraft villages, they are not existing for tourist only but for local daily incomes. Most of villages can be reached by boat as they all located on river bank that convience for transportation. If you time limited, you can take few hours cruise to visit candy, rice paper, ceramic village. Or half day tour to go further villages. 

Viet Value Travel also offers tours around Can Tho and surrounded areas, we are much focusing on cultural and daily life tours in Mekong. Please contact our sales for unique itineraries or you may interested in Mekong Delta tour from Saigon. 

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