Halong Bay


Halong Bay - the only place in Vietnam has UNESCO heritage certificates, certification of natural and geology that listed in the year of 1994 and 2000. Halong Bay is a special and different place in Vietnam. Surrounded by thousand of islands, beaches, home to thousand of animal species and habitation for many fisherman live around floating villages.  Halong Bay become a must - see place in Vietnam. 

There are two parts in Halong Bay, Halong City where most of tourist come to and Hon Gai is place for local basement. The new bridge of Bai Chay connecting two that part now replace for a ferry that used for many years. 

Halong Bay belongs to Quang Ninh province that 165km North East of Hanoi. Quang Ninh is also known for Coal mine of Vietnam. There are 90% of coal source come from this province. However, tourism make a big income for local community, apart from Halong Bay, Quang Ninh also attract many tourist by other tourism destinations like Yen Tu pagoda, Cua Ong temple.

Viet Value Travel has a good selection of tours to Halong Bay, you also can see our advices on Junk choosing and we also offer few unique tours to Halong Bay and surroundings

How to get to Halong Bay? 

Most of people travel to Halong from Hanoi. If you are not joining any package tours, you can take local bus to Halong City that departs in every 20 minutes from Luong Yen or Gia Lam bus station. Adventure tourist can travel by motorbike to Highway 5, turn left to Highway 1 then head directly to Highway 18 to Halong bay. 

A flight to Hanoi then transfer directly to Halong Bay is doable. Make sure you have your own transportation before hand. Viet Value Travel also provide private transfer service to Halong Bay from Hanoi or Hanoi airport and reverse. Please see our rates here.  

Things to do in Halong Bay

There are two main cruises in Halong Bay for travelers. Western tourist often choose overnight on Halong Bay Junk. Tours package can be booked from Hanoi with wide selection of choices. From few ten USD to few hundreds USD per trip. Other group like Asian, Vietnamese prefer cheaper (and nightlife activities?) option that overnight inland of halong City. They will take Day Cruise in 4 or 5 hours in the morning and sometimes more cruise in later afternoon.

Day trip for Halong Bay is also doable for time limited travelers. People has different opinons of it. We think that Halong Bay is worth for a day trip if you don't have time and plan to go back to Vietnam in near future. Tour recommended to early start from Hanoi (3,5 hours drive for oneway) and you will have 4 hours cruise to see icons of Halong Bay then back to Hanoi later afternoon. Halong Bay is big area. If someone wants to see all part of it, take them months anyway. 

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