Hoi An


Hoi An - A little town in Quang Nam province, located 35km from City of Da Nang. Hoi An is witnessing ups and downs of the history of this central piece of land. There have been times that this small town was the meeting point of traders crowded around the world. The war has turned the land over time sleeping. Since around 2000, Hoi an once again become the busiest towns in central, by foreigners, but this time as tourists.

Hoi An town lies on Thu Bon River that mouth to the sea of Cua Dai 4km away. The river used to be the big port that traders from Thailand, India, Holland, Japan, Chinesse and other countries docking and exchange goods, most of them are tropical products like rice, pepers, chilly, clothes, ceramic and other agricultral productions. The Chinese and Japanese have a large footprint to the development of Hoian. They settled and lived into alliances with people hoi an with the permission and privileges of the Nguyen lords in the 18th century. They built the living areas, temples to worship ancestors, assimbly hall for trade negotiations. Therefore, there are many relics of Chinese and Japanese are still remained until today  such as the Assimbly Halls, the ancient houses, Japanese recovered bridge and so on ...

Hoi an is recognized as world heritage by UNESCO in 1994 and today is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam! 

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How to get to Hoi An

There are few flights connect Da Nang City (35km from Hoi an) to other cities of Vietnam. Da Nang recently can accept international flights from Bangkok, Laos and other countries. Train and buses are also easy to get from Da Nang. You may also can get our private transfers from Da Nang by Viet Value Travel. Please contact us for further details. 


Hoi an is considered an ideal shopping place. There are many types of goods you might be interested in, women buy fabric, buy souvenirs, men can buy decorative furniture, may suit going to go party or painting. Children are a lot of options, the folk toys, lanterns, long dress ... etc ...

Prices are also quite competitive compared to other major cities. A suit can cost between 60 to 150 USD depending on the type of fabric, shirts priced from 20 to 50 USD. Women dress depends on how complexity it is as well as fabric.

But maybe people like garments in Hoi An by quick service. Everything you can do within a day, after a few hours you can come back to make the first try and if anything need to adjust, it takes in few minutes then you will have a perfect clothes in your hand. 

That's all make Hoi An being so popular for international visitors. There are hundreds of tailor shop in Hoi An now that ranging from cheap stuff from China to luxury imported materials. Choices are wide but they may make you confused which one is more reliable than the others. We would like to list some of the good ones based on our customer's comments, our own experiences and comments on the internet. Please note that choice is yours and beauty is on beholders.

  • Yaly Couture - 47 Nguyen Thai Hoc - Hoi An - Vietnam: This is a very first shop in Hoi An offers good quality products and wonderful service team.
  • Thu Thuy Tailor Shop - 61 Le Le - Hoi An - Vietnam: It is also first shop in Hoi An. Upscale market but gain good comments from travellers
  • A Dong Silk - 40 Le Loi - Hoi An - Vietnam: A new shop but good operation that make great commends from people. 

What to see in Hoi An?

Hoi An has many attractions, many of the relics are still preserved in the old town. All the monuments are very close together. We encourage you to walk or bicycle to get to there. And also don't forget to buy entrance fee to support  Hoi An in maintaining the old town. 

Japanese recovered bridge

Local people called something familiar 'Pagoda Bridge', Chua Cau has existed for hundreds of years and this is considered as the landmark of Hoi An. It was the neighborhood between the Chinese and Japanese. What's unique is that in addition to function as a bridge, it is a place of worship by local people. Take great spiritual meaning.

Tan Ky Old House

Tan Ky is one of the many old houses in Hoi An, the architecture is a combination of the three countries, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese. This house has been a habitation and worshiping of the seven generations. The first generation before was Chinese, they built the connector port and the main street in purpose of business. Tan Ky now open to tourists, although 7th generation lives inside the house.

Phuc Kien (Fujian) Assimbly Hall

Phuc Kien Assimbly Hall is Thien Hau temples (Holly Mother) located at 46 Tran Phu, the center of Hoi An. In addition to worship, Fujian Assembly Hall where gathering of Fujian natives, they discussed the major tasks for business, and other relative issues.

Where to eat in Hoi An?

Food in Hoi An is a combination of Vietnamese, Chinese. There are some local specialty such as Cao Lau (fresh noodles), Hoanh Thanh Chien (Fried wanton) or Banh Bao Banh Vac (white roses) just could be found here and only. Hoi An is also good place to do cooking class. They arrange great cooking demonstration including market visit to understand local spicies and ingredients. Hoi An has big range of restaurants, here are some of them for your choice:

  • Mermaid Restaurant - 02 Tran Phu - Hoi An - Vietnam: One of the first restaurant in town offers great local seafood and other Hoi An specialties
  • Cargo Club -  107 - 109 Nguyen Thai Hoc - Hoi An - Vietnam: The western influence with coffee and barkery inclusion
  • Banana Leaf - 67 Le Loi - Hoi An - Vietnam: Nice location face to Thu Bon river, food and service are outstanding.  


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