Mai Chau


Mai Chau - the ideal stop for adventure travlers in trekking, experience the rustic life and knowing ethnics in North Vietnam. Mai Chau is home of two ethnic groups have relatively large population in Vietnam. They are  Muong and Thai people who prefer living in low valley and their life is much based on rice crop, cattles and forest. 

Mai Chau belongs to Hoa Binh province lies on highway 6 that leading to other North West destination of Vietnam like Son La, Lai Chau or Dien Bien Phu. During French War, Mai Chau was a very important place for Vietnamese military base and it was an important factor to make the victory of Dien Bien Phu in 1954. Mai Chau has border with Laos but normally used for local trading only. 

How to get to Mai Chau

Mai Chau located in the NorthWest and 150km from Hanoi. Bus trip would take about 3 hours to get to Mai Chau. There are private transfer option and public bus service from Hanoi.

Local Bus

Local bus can be easily found from My Dinh or Ha Dong bus station. Departs in every 30 minutes from Hanoi (costs 10 USD per person). Make sure you ask for drop off point of Tong Dau on Highway 6 then from here you can catch motor taxi to Mai Chau which few kms away. 

Private Transfer

This is most common way for tourist as you can stop anywhere you like. Refreshment and photos are worth for few stop along the way. Please contact our sales if you need such transfer. 

What to see in Mai Chau?

While Sapa takes longer time to discover minority life, Mai Chau could be a good alternative. if your time limited, 2 days 1 night trip can be doable to experience what Mai Chau has to offer. If you are serious hikers, Mai Chau also could be a great place to spend a week. Here are some suggestions to see while you are in Mai Chau:


A best option for your accommodation is overnight in homestay. There are lot of villages offer homestay service. If you find Lac village is too crownded, you can walk to next villages like Pong Coong or so when you get there. How nice to stay with locals that traditional life is still much remainning. Food and drinks will be provided at village or family you stay.

Short walk

if you stay in Lac or Pong Coong village in Mai Chau, we highly recommend a short walk from there to go through rice paddy and forest, ask the homestay for local guide to Mai village and surroundings. The walk takes few hours and recommended from later afternoon for sunset viewers.   

Van village

It's Thai village that 2km from Mai Chau town. It can be reach by bikecycle from your homestay. The village that showing a live museum of daily activities like wine making, emdroidery or traditional Thai clothes, customs. 

Xo village

A long trek takes 2 days 1 night tour from Mai Chau. Xo village is quite remoted area. There are just hundred of stilt houses in the village and the modern life seems to be not reached here yet. Overnight in Xo village will be a good experience. Good local food, nice scenery all the way will bring you a great trip. 

Viet Value Travel has number of tour options to Mai Chau, from sightseeing to adventure. All our trip again drive customers to local culture and accompanied by experienced tour guide and staff. Please click here to view some of our sample tours to Mai Chau. 


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