Phan Xi Pang Mount

Phan Xi Pang Mount (Known as Phansipan or Fansipan) located in the North of Vietnam, at the height of 3,143m above the sea level, this is the highest mountain in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Phan Xi Pang also located at very heart of Hoang Lien Son national park which is the habitation of many different type plantation and animal spices. Phan Xi Pang today is a dream vation for both domestic and international adventure travelers.

Getting there
From Hanoi, there are number of overnight train to Lao Cai city. Another transfer to Sapa town and from Sapa you can take a tour to climb to Phan Xi Pang loop. 

Time to go
It is doable year around but best time would be dated on around August to December when it is dry season and blue sky expected. 

What to prepare
This is physical demanding tour with long walking at steep (6 to 8 hours walk per day) so make you you have well prepared excises before hand. If you book a tour to get there, it seems like all needed things are there for you, you may need some personal belongings like good walking shoes, rain coast, meditation and other daily personals you may need.  

Viet Value Travel recommend you to book a package tour to summit the Phan Xi Pang Mount with quality tours by an experienced agent. This is not a normal tour, all services need to be prepared well in advance, all equipment need to meet good quality and international standard such as experienced tour guide and porters, good food, walking gears and overnight belongings...

You may have look at our tours to Phan Xi Pang Mount and please feel free to contact us if you have any special request or concerns on those special arrangement. 


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