Vietnam is a fun and interesting place to travel to. It offers different choices for travelers Worldwide, from honeymooner leisure vacations to adventure explorers, from white sand beaches to tropical forests. Viet Value Travel here tries to give you some basic information on this page that we think useful for people who plan to pay a visit to Vietnam. It's a long list but surely not complete, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact our travel experts right away by email or live chat. We will reply shortly to your needs.  

Travel Length

Vietnam is a narrow country, but long, it is likely you can't travel to see everything in few days. If your time is limited, we suggest you to see the highlights instead of rushing around the countryside. The northern part of Vietnam is worth spending one or two weeks with must - see destinations such as Hanoi, Sapa and Halong bay. The central part with Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An will take a week to cover all. The southern part takes another two weeks. So, our recomendation for your travel length is about 3 weeks or so. 

Time to go

Vietnam has a tropical climate but the weather is different from the north to the south. There are four seasons in the North, it could be cold in the winter but it is sunny in the South at the same time. And when it is the rainny season in the South and the North is dry. Our recommedation on your travel time is from August to December or April to August. Those months get the best weather in the whole country. 

A visa to Vietnam

You may need a visa to Vietnam. First, check out our list of countries not needing a visa to Vietnam. If your country is not in the list, then you may have to apply for a visa from the Vietnam Embassy in your country or you can get visa on arrival which is faster, easier and cheaper. See our Visa On Arrival page for further details. 

Air ticket to Vietnam

Get your international air ticket from your country to Vietnam, there are plenty of airfare deals that are released everyday. However, for domestic and nearby country routes it is highly recommended that you book in advance from Vietnam. It is more direct and much cheaper. Please see our Airfare Ticketing page for details.

Book a tour

Booking a tour is a good way to discover the iconic destinations of the nation, it also allows you much leisure time to enjoy the trip. Especially for first time visitors. Viet Value Travel offers a wide range of tours based on your passion and interest, we also work on your personal requests to make Customised Tours which will perfectly fit your every single detail and need. 

Vietnam Travel by your self

If you wish to explore the nation on your own, Viet Value Travel will guide you destination to destination by browsing through our Guide section which covers all details of this country, city guides with sightseeing, food, and hotel recommendations and so on. We also offer a the lowest cost for hotel resevation nationwide.


Credit cards are widely accepted in Vietnam, especially in the big cities like Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang, Hoi An... We recommend you bring or change your currency to USD in your country and change it into local currency called Vietnam Dong (VND) when you land to Vietnam. Please note that cash you bring in or out Vietnam must not exceed 7.000 USD in value per person. You should exchange your money in a Vietnam bank, not on the street or gold shops which is really considered as illegal.  


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