Hotels in Hue

Having done our inspection of most hotels in Vietnam, we found that hotels in Ha Long are the cheapest, compared to other tourism destinations in Vietnam. They are also the most valuable and worth your money. Don't be surprised when you step in 4 star hotels in Ha Long (such as Mithrin hotel) and found that you are staying in a real 4-star hotel ..

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Hue 3 Star

Asia Hotel

City Center

$44 Details

Canary Hotel

City Center

$27 Details

Duy Tan Hotel

City Center

$36 Details

Festival Hue Hotel

City Center

$45 Details

Heritage Hotel

City Center

$40 Details

Hue Queen Hotel I

City Center

$39 Details
Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Events in Hue

  • June: Royal Palace Night
  • 12/1: Cau Ngu Festival
  • 23/3: Hue Liberation Day
  • April, 2012: National Tourism Year
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