Useful Travel Resources

Media in English

Vietnam News
A local Vietnamese based news agency with fresh daily updated on Vietnamese lives, political and people.

Thanh Nien News
Another famous news agent in Vietnam (more famous in Vietnamese version though), including social and political in Vietnam 

Travel Forums

Trip Advisor Forum

Source of travel and hotel review worldwide with tons of real comments and discussion. 

Lonely Planet
One of the very first travel forum on the internet, a large discussion on hotels, transports and related information. 

Travel Blogs

Vietnam Travel Blog

A weekly articles of Vietnamese society, people and travel. Written by Tuan Nguyen

Vietnamese Food Blog
Showing great articles about Vietnamese food, some recepies and weird stuffs included 

Living in Vietnam

Vietnam Work
The biggest work seeking site in Vietnam for Vietnamese and oversea work seekers. 

New Hanoian
A good and crowded site for expats and anyone who wish to meet Hanoi expat community. Site also offers much of information on housing, transport guide and recommended restaurants. 


Halong Bay Travel Guide
Information on Halong Bay Vietnam with explaination of legend, travel tips and transportation guide.

Instant Vietnam Visa
Quick & cheaper way to abtain a visa to Vietnam. Reliable visa agent with secure online application. Result back within 48 hours. 

Suggest a site or 2

We believe that there are number of useful sites out there, do let our team know by send us an email if you wish to suggest such sites. We will show them right here to readers and travelers. 

Monday, December 18, 2017
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