Here are some of projects we have done in past 7 years. Viet Value Travel gains 100% satisfaction from clients, some of them are Top Ten luxury travel in the region or leader in their industry. We are sure that you will be our happy customer too.  

Project name Vietnam Pilgrimage
Company name  
Length 10 days
Number of people 80 customers
Period March  2010
Main Operators 4 people
Staffs 30
Prepared in 7 months
Activities Sightseeing, mass, religious activities

Project name Vietnam Sparkling
Company name Asian Lights
Length 05 days
Number of people 130 customers
Period July  2009
Main Operators 6 people
Staffs 40
Prepared in 9 months
Activities Meetings, sightseeing, games and outdoor activities

Project name Hitachi Asian Meetings
Company name Hitachi
Length 03 days
Number of people 43 customers
Period July - August 2008
Main Operators 2 people
Staffs 12
Prepared in 3 months, associated with M.I.C.E MATTERS SINGAPORE
Activities meetings, sightseeing's, events...                 

Project name                                                                   Visma Vietnam 2008
Company name Visma
Length 15 days
Number of people 251 customers
Period May - June 2008
Main Operators 5 people
Staffs 80 people
Prepared in 8 months
Activities meetings, sightseeing, events, sport, cruise...

Project name GAES Vietnam 2007
Company name GAES
Length 16 days
Number of people 72 customers
Period Oct 2007
Main Operators 2 people
Staffs 10 people
Prepared in 11 months
Activities meetings, sightseeing, cruise, luxury experiences

Company name Connoisseur Tours       
Length 8 days
Number of people 195 customers
Period June 2006
Main Operators 6 people
Staffs 120 people
Prepared in 12 months
Activities meetings, sightseeing, party, shows, cruise, luxury experiences, games...

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